7 Universal Street Fighting/Defense Techniques That Will Save Your life In Any Street Attack.

Wayne Jones

Dear Friend,

One night whilst out with a group of friends. I enjoyed a few drink and had been fortunate on the fruit machine having won a big jackpot. I had not noticed my friends had grown fed up and decided to move on to a different pub in town.

I rapidly finished my drink and hurried to catch up.I was on my own an walking fast down the road when two men shoved me into the wall and demanded cash. I could not see if they armed. There was no help in sight and my friends did not know I was in trouble.

I was frightened but I had been trained to protect myself by Andrew Thomas. I remembered my course and rapidly asked the men what they wanted and faked being more drunk than I was. I knew that as they were talking they would not see me as a danger.

When they were close enough to me I hit the first one in the throat as taught and stamped the other man through the thigh. The men were powerless to stop me as I ran past to the safety of the street.

Mr. Andrew Thomas has enabled me to defeat some of the fears, which wrecked my early life. The fear of being attacked in an more common event in a more dangerous world.

Once I discovered how to read a threat and more importantly what to do when endangered I was freed to explore the world around me. No longer am I concerned by a group of people on the street corner. Mr. Thomas's straightforward effective self-defense methods have trained me how and when to defend myself.

I have had the satisfaction of being taught by Mr. Thomas for many years he has a relaxed optimistic teaching style that allows his students to get the most from every course. I recommend Andy's teaching. He has a common sense approach that is simple yet gives you the ability to keep yourself protected.

Yours Sincerely
Wayne Jones

32 Answers To The Most Common Attacks On Our Streets Today.
You Shall Master The Simplest, Quickest, And Most Lethal Self Defense/ Protection Techniques. Allowing you To Defeat Low Life Street Thugs.

Discover Sneaky Combat Techniques That Will Immediately Beat Any Attacker And End A Attack.
All Extremely Easy To Learn And Recall. If You Have Never Been In A Real Fight Before These Techniques Will Still Work For You. And Will work For You Regardless Of Your Fitness Level, Size Or Age

Believe this will not happen to you?
Find out how the attackers select there targets.
Learn the method that will stop them dead in no time. Think you are too big and strong.

Do not fool yourself.
Men from 20 to 35 are the most probable to be attacked this has been established again and again by studies all over the country.

I Challenge You To Read On. To Find The Nastiest Most Powerful
"Secrets On How To Survive a Fight" Ever.

FROM: Andrew Thomas

Are you able to survive a brutal fight on the street?

Imagine knowing you are able to deal with any circumstances can you feel how much more self-assured you would be. See how this could improve how you appear to others.
How much greater would your confidence be

Or are you being picked on already?

Either physical or mentally and at last you have had as much as you can stand and want to learn what do about it

I have trained many hundreds of students to cope with either situations. You can learn the same methods today.

Hi my name is Andrew Thomas

I have 2 decades of martial art knowledge. I have trained thousands of people in my time effectively. Been hit with all types of weapons and technique a person can chuck at you. I have learned all my skills by tough training. Save yourself 20 years of hard work and learn from my know-how NOW and let me pass these skills on to you.100's of success story's where my students have come out on top.

"Effective fast to learn self defense / protection moves for you today"As used by 100's of my persons successfully. Don't fritter away years learning skills that will not work for you. Become effective now.
I have crammed 20 years worth of knowledge into one self defense package.To give you a combat cocktail that will knock the spots off any attacker

I will tell you a real story about a man we will just call Mr X.
Mr X was about 24 years old and had six good years of training.
He trained in a method that included hand strikes, kicks, throws and joint attacks. (I am not naming the style I have no interest in criticizing any specific martial art) He was on his way home late one evening after visiting friends.

He sees a gang of 15 to 17 years olds he ignores them and goes past BAM they swarm over him.
When he comes to he has a broken ankle and ribs and bruises everywhere.

About six months after he has recovered he meets me and asks why martial arts skills did nothing to help him.

The truth is the technique he had was strong and effective. What he missed was the correct state of mind.

The answer for Mr X was to perfect the sections on victim profiles and ten levels of awareness.

He already had good fighting abiltys BUT If you attract attacks with a victim outline. Do not have the correct alertness skills and are not sure of when to let loose your defense skills then all the technique in the book will not protect you.

From discussions with people like Mr X and others with no fighting ability. I noticed there was a need for a street self defense / protection manual. That would help those with no fighting skills to learn the simple but all effective methods needed with the strategy's needed to make them work.
Graduly over a period of time this book developed.

You will learn self defense / protection tactics and techniques read below to see what you can gain here

A Victim outline will draw a attacker to you. Do you have a Victim outline?

  • Discover the difference between the those who are always mugged or harassed
        and those who are never attacked!
  • Become unseen to low life attackers
  • Allows aggressors to pass you by overlooked
  • What does it work why does it work?
  • The fix for the victim outline.

  • 10 degrees of perception that keep you ready for any attackers moves.

  • Which of the 10 degrees are you traped in and does it create a target.
  • Break down of the 10 degrees allows you to be ready while not being paranoid.

  • Sneaky fighting methods and Impromptu weapons

  • Improve your survival rate by one hundred percent by discovering how any object (yes any) can be
         used as a Impromptu weapon.
  • How normal objects in your surroundings will make lethal weapons to defend yourself and your family
  • Including loose change, box of matches, pencil, brush or comb, daily paper, bags, walking stick,
        chairs, can of cola. The list is never ending.

  • Your greatest fear a knife attack

  • See the knife attack Bonus to improve your survival chances by 300%

  • Martial arts the reality? Can they survive the attack of street fighters?

  • Can they aid you or will they get you hurt or worse.
  • Do not wait five years to be skilled enough to defend yourself
  • Will your stylized system get you killed?
  • Have your efforts been wasted?
  • What martial arts are worth looking at?

  • Guidelines on how to defeat violence on the street using the pain movement tactic

  • Literally stop your attackers mind working allowing you to escape or finish him
  • Gain the upper hand immediate in any encounter
  • How to make this easy tactic benefit you

  • How tough do you have to be to use self defense fighting techniques?

  • Discover how to make the most of your present abilities
  • No need to have 20" collar size and bend metal bars with your bare hands

  • Fighting on the Ground the truth revealed

  • Not the holy grail of self defense no matter what Brazilian jujutsu and cage fighters say.
  • Discover why?

  • Lethal pressure points and self defense moves

  • Be able to control your assailant quickly using "self protection pressure points"
  • Painfully Immobilize your assailant

  • Self defense fighting moves that will teach you how to defeat the kicker

  • No needs to spend three years learning to kick well I will show you how to stop a kicker now today!

  • The ethical problem that will get you flattened

  • How many times have I spoken to a martial artist or tough guy that got destroyed on the street because he did not recognize when he should turn up the heat and while he's thinking about it he gets beaten up
        Do not let this be you.

  • Your Zone

  • What is the concept of "your zone? "
  • Should you protect it? How harshly should you defend it?

  • 7 kick arse moves you can use now

  • Fast to learn, master in one day.
  • Will work in any self defense or fight situation.

  • Lets get Nasty section

  • Eye watering painful moves that will allow you to escape from those tough spots.

  • Huge value for money

    If you pay only $5 a week at your normal self-protection /martial arts dojo and you only practice once a week for 20 years that would be $5200 and you still would not be close to the time and effort I put into this. Well I have been training a minimum of 3 times a week often 6 for 20 years.

    For $47.00 learn only the things that have been proven to works and do not waste your effort or cash on those that do not.

    Our price is normally $47 but at present I'am testing the price at $29.74. To see if we sell enough additional books to justify keeping the price permanently at $29.74. This test will not last forever. So do not be surprise if you come back and the price is higher

    Bonus's just for you

    • Your greatest fear a knife attack

      How to deal with a knife attack and improve your survival chances 300%. By using these unknown "knife fighting moves" of voice, surroundings, space impromptu weapons and total commitment.

      How to evade a knife fight by using the same techniques in reverse

    • "Self defense protection points" illustration and detailed explanation

    • Free future up date showing you self defense moves that will teach you how to Fight inside your automobile, bus, rail car, restricted spaces.

    One Year refund no questions asked

    That's how sure I am that you will like our self defense fighting methods.One year to assess your technique and see if the information helped or not. We will immeadiatly give full refund

    Click below now to learn effective self defense techniqe and really protect yourself now

    Separate yourself from the feeble and unknowing and join the small privileged group of men who can survive a real street attack"

    When you finish paying using the paypal button you will be give the option to click the "return to the merchant" button.You click this you will automatically be sent to our download page to get your ebook. Never fear paypal will give you my email address if you need any help.


    Andrew Thomas

    P.S. Do not be a victim of the street be able to protect yourself now with quick fighting tips. $5200 of info for only $29.74.

    P.S. Raise your level of self confidence be assured you can protect yourself and your loved one's. Watch others react to you in a more positive way as you become more self assured

    P.S. Bonus content worth the cost alone! Where else will you learn where all the effective nerve points are? How to increase your survival rate by 300% in a knife fight. Or learn how to fight inside your car or from any sitting position. These are worth the cost of the book alone.

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